Gary & Diane Beeler Online Only Auction

Gary and Diane Beeler of Sutter, IL, have sold their home and are liquidating the majority of their personal property as they need to downsize. This sale will be one of two sales that will take place – ONLINE ONLY.  The first sale will not be moved from their prior residence roughly 6 miles south of Warsaw, IL.  The open house, auction and auction pick up will all take place at 528 E Co Rd 450 Sutter IL 62373.  Please note the location of this sale!!!

Gary and Diane acquired many things living in the Warsaw area for the majority of their lives.  This sale will include various quality items from antiques, to tools, to old farm iron.

This sale will go live on July 3rd, 2020 at 6:00pm.  The sale will be listed for live bidding through Wednesday July 15th, 2020. This sale will have a soft closing and you will be able to bid live as the auction items close.  The link to the auction will be posted ASAP.

The pick up dates for this auction are as listed:

Thursday, July 16th – 11:00am to 6:00pm

Friday, July 17th – 9:00am to 1:00pm

Items MUST be picked up onsite!


An open house will take place at the residence on July 12th from 11:00am to 1:00pm.   For more information on this sale, feel free to call Chad Thompson at 309-221-1924.

Gun Enthusiast & Hunters Specialty Auction


Online bidding available on select items

Over 50 guns, ammunition, reloading supplies, reloads, gunsmithing tools, tooling and dies. Loads of supplies and related items.  This ring will be selling nothing but ammo, guns and reloading supplies. Make plans to attend today.


Mr. Krbavac has been an avid in the gun world over the past 20+ years, not only collecting guns, but repairing guns and fabricating parts.

Firearms –  Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver Mod. 686;  Ruger Mark II Target .22 Long Rifle; Ruger Mark II Target .22 Long Rifle;  Pietro Beretta 92FS 9MM Pistol; Dan Wesson .357 Super Mag; S&W .22 revolver; Springfield Armory .45ACP; Nowlin .45 ACP; Kimber .45 ACP; High Standard .22 revolver; Browning A-500R 12 ga.; Winchester Mod. 52 .22 LR; Ruger 1022 .22 w/ scope; Winchester Mod. 70 270 win; Beretta Mod. A303 12 Ga. trap; Conrad Heym 16 ga. DB; Colt Sporter .223, SKS w/ bayonet; Traditions 20 ga. over/under; Winchester 3240 lever action; Beretta 686 Onyx 20 ga. over/under; Remington 700 308 tactical; Royal Crown Magnum 10 ga. DB; Kimber 84M 22-250; Marlin Golden 39A lever action; Savage 24 Series over/under; Double Star Corp. 556 cal; Bridge Gun Co. 12 ga.; Charles Daily Defense Mod. CDD – 15; Remington Mod. 700 .308; Ruger SR556 AR; Lyman Black Powder 50 cal. rifle; W.M. Large 50 cal. flint lock; Beneli M-1 12 ga.; Remington 700 bolt action 30-06; Noble 410 pump; Browning Citori Plus 12 ga. over/under trap; Browning BT 99 plus 12 ga. Stainless trap; Arma Lite AR-50A1 Bolt action single shot .50 bmg cal; S7W 500 Magnum revolver; Colt Anaconda .44 Mag Revolver; Colt MK5 Gold Cup .45 pistol; S&W .38 special and over 40 more guns that have recently been added to this action. SEE LIST BELOW, as more will be added in the days to come!!


Hunting, Boat, Ammo & Reloading supplies – Fort Knox Yeager 7241 Gun Safe; Oehler Proof Chronograph; Ar .556 upper; AR .243 upper; AR .308 upper; Sea King 12 Canoe; Alumacraft 14′ Jon Boat w/ Coleman 25 hp outboard; Dillon Precision SL 900 and RL 1050 reloaders, Dillon Precision electrical reloader; Dillon Precision primer filler station; (6) Dillon Prec. loading stations; RCBS powders scales; RCBS powder dispenser; PMAG D60 .223; PMAG D50 .308; large amount of gun powder; case trimming supplies; SKS, AR and various other NEW mags; Bushnell Binoculars; Leica range finders; Ransom gun vise w/ pistol inserts; Wilton min bullet vise; Cadwell lead sled; very large amount of reloading items to include primers of all kinds; large amount of reloaded ammo to include over 8000 rounds of 9mm; brass shells; reloading dies of all kinds including .50 cal; plastic and metal ammo boxes; various guns mags of all kinds; gun stocks, barrels and parts; over 200 boxes of NEW ammo; small ammo reload cases; hard and soft gun cases; gun books of all kinds; hunting gear and well as various other gun related items too numerous to list.  One ring will be selling nothing but guns, ammo and hunting related items starting at 9:00am.  Guns to sell at 12:00 noon.


1 Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver Mod. 686 Stainless, 4″ barrel, Ser # 57694
2 Ruger Mark II Target .22 Long Rifle With Volquartsen trigger and compressor
3 Ruger Mark II Target .22 Long Rifle With Volquartsen compressor, target model
4 Pietro Beretta 92FS 9MM Pistol Ser. #E49065Z
5 Dan Wesson Super Mag .357 Revolver Ser. #SM0394, with original packing and sleeve
6 Smith & Wesson .22 Revolver Mod. 48 Ser. #64501, 8″ barrel
7 Springfield Armory XPS .45 ACP 3.3 semi auto, Alien gear C/C holster
8 Nowlin .45 ACP Semi Automatic Pistol Ser. # SK7833
9 Kimber .45 ACP Classic Custon Target Pistol Ser. # K011798
10 High Standard Double 9 .22 Cal. Revolver Fox pearl handle grips, Ser #865475
11 Forehand & Wadsworth .22 Pocket Pistol Ser. #26119, late 1800s, does show wear, does have damage to pin, see pictures
12 Browning A-500R Special Steel 12 Ga 2 3/4″ & 3″, Invector, semi auto shot gun, extremely nice gun
13 Interarms Mod. 22 Take Down 22 Cal.
14 Winchester Mod. 70 270 Win Rifle Bolt action, w/ Redfield 3 x 9 scope, Ser. #745779
15 Ruger Mod. 1022 .22 Cal. Semi Auto Rifle w/ Scope Butler Creek barrel, Bushnell 3 x 9 scope, Ser. #246-20411
16 Winchester Mod. 52 .22 Long Rifle Bolt action, Ser. #566
17 P. Beretta Mod. A303 12 Ga. Semi Auto Trap Made in Italy, Ser. #N90859E, adjustable butt stock
18 Conrad Heym 16 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun Ser. # 5728
19 Colt Sporter .223 AR Ser. #060177
20 Foreign SKS w/ Bayonet – Chinese Ser. #373389
21 Traditions 20 Ga. Shotgun Over Under FAUSTI 26″ barrel, 3″, Ser. # B10442, made in Italy
22 Ruger 1022 .22 Cal. Semi Auto Rifle w/ Scope Midway USA barrel, right handed thumb hole stock, Leubold 3 x 9 scope, w/ mag, Ser. #237-45962
23 Winchester 3240 Lever Action Rifle Ser. #442246, does have some overall light wear
24 P. Beretta 686 Onyx 20 Ga. Over Under Shotgun 2 3/4″ & 3″, 26 1/2″ barrel, Ser. #M91204B, extemely nice
25 Remington 700 308 Win Tactical Bolt Action Rifle Carl Zeiss 4,5-14 x 50 Conquest Scope, bull barrel, rubber grip stock
26 Royal Crown Magnum 10 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun 3 1/2″ chamber, Made in Spain, Ser. # Z39245
27 Kimber 84M .22-250 REM Varmint Bolt Action Rifle Has Leopold 5 x 20 scope, Ser. # KM05001, with stock pack w/ cheek pad
28 Marlin Golden 39A Lever Action .22 Rifle Ser. #S11486, nice gun, very minor wear
29 Savage 24 Series S Double Barrel Over Under .22 over 20 Ga. 2 3/4″ & 3″, Ser. #D0925265
30 Marlin Mod. 15Y Bolt Action .22 Youth Rifle Ser. #17682649
31 Double Star Corp. 556 Cal. AR-15 w/ Nicon Scope DPMS upper 223 Varmit barrel, Nicon 4 x 16 scope
32 Bridge Gun Co. 12 Ga. Double Barrel Shotgun Ser. # 4301, stainless, w/ hammers
33 Charles Daily Defense Mod. CDD-15 Cal. 556 Nato w/ Leopold Scope 6.5mm, 8 1/2 x 25 Leopold scope, Geissle 2 stage match trigger
34 Remington Mod. 700 308 Match Chamber Bolt Action Rifle w/ Leopold Scope 4 1/2x 14 Leopold scope, HS precision stock, 26″ 1-10 Shilen barrel, light trigger, AI bottom metal, Ser. # G6287135
35 Ruger SR556 AR Geissle trigger, CQB, 1 to 3 power Leopold, Crimson Trace front grip, Ser. #590-12782
36 Early 36 Cal. Octagon Barrel Musket Gun is loose, has been braised in a spot behind hammer, WALL HANGER
37 Lyman Great Plains Black Powder Rifle 50 Cal. Octagon Barrel
38 Early W.M. Large Gun Maker Black Powder 50 Cal. Flint Lock Monogramed Rifle Engraved with original owner’s name by gun maker – G.B. Vermeesch, tiger maple stock
39 Benelli M-1 12 Ga. Shotgun 2 3/4″ to 3″, Speedfeet pistol grip stock, Leopold 3 x 9 scope, Ser. #M512283
40 Remington 700 Bolt Action 30-06 Sprg Ack Imp Ackley Improved, Ser. # A6619594
41 Noble 410 Pump Shotgun 3″ chamber
42 Ulitmate Fire Arms Inc. Muzzle Loader on a Howa Action HS precision stock, Leopold 4 1/2 x 14 luminated scope, Gray-coil re-coil reducer
43 Pelican 1750 Hard Case Case is cut for LOT 42, can be modified for any gun or guns
44 Browning Citori Plus 12 Ga. Over Under Trap Gun Ser. #38420NZJ43
44a Browning BT 99 Plus 12 Ga. Stainless Trap Gun Ported, Ser. #01055NW669
44b Browning 2 Gun Trap Case
45 Arma Lite AR-50A1 Bolt Action Single Shot .50 bmg Cal. Night Force 5-2.5 x 56 scope, comes with soft case(not pictured),
46 Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver 8″ barrel, stainless, Ser. #015
47 Browning Buck Mark .22 Semi Auto Pistol 5.5″ barrel, Seymore red dot sight
48 Wildey 45 Win Mag Semi Auto Pistol Stainless, 9″ barrel, Ser. #3850
49 Colt Anaconda .44 Mag Revolver – Double Action Stainless, Ser. #MM33092
50 Beretta Mod. 92FS 9mm Semi Auto Pistol Parbellum, stainless, Ser. #Ber461828
51 Colt MK5 Gold Cup .45 Semi Auto Pistol Ser. #FN26405
52 Smith & Wesson .38 Special Mid-Range Semi Auto Pistol Mod. #52-2, Ser. #A487488
53 AR Stoner Upper .556 Cal
54 AR Stoner Upper .243 Win For DPMS AR-10 action
55 AR Stoner Upper .308 Win For DPMS AR-10 action
56 Tactical Life Upper .223 / .556 Pistol
57 CMMG .224 Valkyrie upper Mk4 DTR
58 Fort Knox Yeager 7241 Gun Safe Can store up to ten codes, like brand new, holds 28 rifles, comes with 3 pistol racks
59 Oehler Proof Chronograph w/ Case Complete, good working order


Bowling Alley Liquidation Auction. Real Estate & Personal Property

 Commercial Real Estate Auction 9 a.m. on Saturday, December 7, 2019.

Rhoades Real Estate will be conducting the real estate auction. Personal property will sell after real estate roughly 9:30a.m.

Former bowling alley with attached restaurant/bar/commercial kitchen space, and over 7,800 SF of usable space.  Property includes 8 bowling lanes with associated Brunswick ball returns and score keeping stations.  Other features include city water/sewer and 3 furnaces/AC units.  Personal property, commercial kitchen hood, and (2) stainless steel prep sinks will sell separate.  Real estate sells as-is with no warranties and no financing or inspection contingencies.  $2,500 non-refundable deposit required on the day of sale. Open House:  Saturday, November 30, 2019 10 a.m. – Noon.

Restaurant Equipment: True stainless 5’x3’ two door worktop refrigerator; True stainless 28”x 30” single door worktop freezer, on casters; True stainless one section upright refrigerator, on casters; True stainless two section upright refrigerator, on casters; Manitowoc ice machine; Somerset pizza dough roller; Castle commercial natural gas stove, 6 top burners, griddle, oven; Hobart two basket natural gas fryer; Larkin stove hood vent; stainless 8’ 3 tub sink; Perlick stainless 7’ barback sink; Perlick slide top cooler; Bunn omatic 3 warmer coffee maker; 4’ stainless prep table 3’ stainless prep table; 3 bar top pizza cooker; 3’x3’ stainless prep table; Waring pro blinder; Keating keep crisp 4 lamp food warmer; 7’ commercial stainless work top cooler; Wyott hanging food warmer; 3 next day gourmet stainless shelving; Star food warmer, used for nacho cheese; large amount of stock pots, pans, and baskets; Superior 2 pot soup warmer; (20) 29” barstools; (4) 29” barstools with back rests; (2) 3’ round bar tables 42” tall; (39) metal 17” padded chairs, brown; (5) metal 17” padded chairs, black; (9) double booth seats; (2) single booth seats; (3) single leg tables, 30”x42”; (5) single leg tables, 24”x42”; Pepsi menu board; (13) Tork napkin dispensers; large amount of bar glasses; salt and pepper shakers; Cornelius 8 fountain drink system;

Bowling Equipment: Brunswick breeze lane oiler; DBA arrow lane cleaner; 125 bowling shoes; 101 bowling balls; (6) 18 ball Brunswick ball racks; handicap bowling ramps; (5 sets of 10) Brunswick storage lockers; pins; assortment of lane care supplies;

Lights & Sound: (2) programmable LED signs; (4) American DJ P39 LED lights; Blizzard 3 fog machine; Lytequest pro LQ82 motion light; Apollo lytequest disco ball; Kenwood AM-FM stereo receiver; Sony DVD/CD/video CD player; Klipsch speakers;

Don & Janean Crandall Moving Auction

Mark your calendar for this on the farm moving auction. Equipment, Tools, Tire Shop Equipment, Furniture, Antiques, Much More!

Held on the farm South of Stronghurst IL.

JUST ADDED TO THE AUCTION: 2016 Chrysler 200 Limited. 46,000 miles!

Tractors & Farm: Allis Chalers D17 Series 3 tractor, wide front, 262 diesel, AC snap coupler; Allis Chalmers post hole auger; 1949 John Deere A tractor, has been restored; 1947 John Deere B tractor, restoration project; Case Construction King backhoe, w/ cab, 2×4, older-good running machine; 2007 John Deere Z445 zero turn mower, showing 631 hours; 40′ shipping container; 16′ tandem axle utility trailer with ramps; tandem axle bumper hitch dump trailer; 8.5 MVP plus MS snow blade w/ new bit; pull type gas powered log splitter; gravity wagon box; pull type spayer w/ PTO pump; 10′ pull type disk; wagon running gears; assortment of fuel barrels; 6′ rotary pull type mower; (2) hayracks; drag harrows; various lumber; roof tin; hitch large amount of garden supplies and other farm supplies.

Tools & Tire Shop Equipment:  Atlas 10,000 lb 2 post car lift; Corghi tire machine A9820 T.I; John Bean wheel balancer; Dynamo portable bead breaker; Hobart beta-mig 250 welder; BG VIA vehicle injection apparatus; Car Quest battery tester; BG CT2 coolant transfusion system; Ammco model 3000 brake lathe with twin facing tool, disc rotor lathe; Generac potable 5000 watt generator; gas powered 2” trash pump; professional painting guns; Central pneumatic 1” impact and sockets; 20 gal oil lift drain; 20 ton shop press; torch outfit with cart; upright Sanborn air compressor; floor jacks; jack stands; 8” bench top grinder; Stihl MS 310 chainsaw; Powerbuilt 23pc. ball joint/u-joint service kit; bead seater blaster; Pittsburgh 20 ton air/hydro bottle jack; assortment of valve stems & tire tubes; tire tools; cherry picker; parts cleaner; Milton peg board parts rack; assortment of new oil filters; Brute 2700 psi power washer; portable sand blaster; 55gal barrel ½ full of washer fluid; assortment of bottle jacks; shop vacs; Brute garden tiller; Stihl walk behind tiller with power broom; bull float; hand trowels; assortment of hand tools shovels, rakes, hoes;  large assortment of NEW & used tires and other shop related items. This complete tire shop was built less than four years ago. You will find everything to be in excellent to like new condition.

Antiques, Primitives & Signs – 15 gal. Red Wing crock w/ birch leaves; large cast iron floor safe – 3 1/2′ x 3′; oak 12 drawer organizing cabinet; restored wooden camel back trunk-nice; galvanized buckets and cans; barn lanterns; cooper boilers; various farm primitives of all kinds; Jack’s Purina Dealership sign from Stronghurst-Disco-Laharpe; 3 pc. Jack’s Purina Dealership sign; painted metal tire signs to include National, (2) Goodyear, Michelin, Summit and others; Monroe shocks standing ashtray; advertising tire repair cabinets and various other tire shop advertising items.

Furniture & Appliances: Roll top desk; very clean sectional sofa; entertainment center; 8’ oak book shelf; curved glass china hutch; white 5 drawer dresser; 3 drawer pine dresser; Amana chest freezer; Frigidaire upright freezer; Frigidaire gas stove; Amana side by side freezer fridge and a few other pieces of household furnishings.

Auctioneers Note: This listing will likely grow as the Crandalls are moving and will be going through their personal property over the next few weeks. Not responsible for accidents. All announcements made day of sale shall supersede any prior advertising.

Old Stone Mill Antique Mall – Auction #1

Old Stone Mill Antique Mall Liquidation Auction 

This will be the first of two auctions to be held to liquidate then entire stock and personal collection of the owners of the Old Stone Mill antique mall. The first auction will contain the personal property of  James Pilger.

This auction will include a magnitude of antiques, paper  advertising, Burlington, Iowa items and primitives. Likely running two rings.

Check back for more information on this upcoming auction.

10th Annual Power Of The Purse Auction

Over 70 Purses will be sold at auction raising funds for the McDonough county United Way!

Join us at a fun filled night out in Macomb IL. Auction will be held at the Spoon River College outreach center. Tickets are available, contact the McDonough county United way

Patrick & Judy Elting Moving Auction

Mark your calendars for this on the farm auction, just outside of Marrietta IL!

Automobiles, Tractor, ATV & Trailers –  1966 Mustang, 83,374 miles, soft top, all matching numbers, 2nd owner; 1978 Cougar XR7, 77,730 miles; 1988 Yugo, 37,000 miles, 2nd owner; 1990 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, reg cab, 2×4, 79,677 miles, one owner; IH Farmall M, wide front, restored; Yamaha Big Bear 400 4×4 ATV, 3,366 miles; 2002 trailer express 5’x10’ tilt trailer; 2002 20’ trailer express flatbed car trailer W/ new tires; Harley Davidson golf cart.

Antiques, Primitives & Lawn Mower Collection: Lightning rods; wooden totes; 5’ meat box; Enamelware of all kinds; foot traps; 1970s Amco electric gas pump; parking meters; garden benches; license plates; barn hay trolly; hand crank corn sheller; butcher’s kettle; Firestone bicycle; cast iron clawfoot tub; galvanized tubs and watering cans; cream cans; horse drawn one bottom plow and two row planter; Mustang car parts; ringer washer; stop light; large amount of vintage cameras to include, Brownie, Bell & Howell, Polaroid, Diana and others; vintage radios; Black & White porcelain cigar sign; De Laval complete cream separator (you won’t find a cleaner one in original condition); wooden box wagon on steel wheels; several ornate cast iron wood stoves that came from Camp Ellis; (2) pull type grain drills on steel wheels; Mower Collection – large assortment of gas powered reel type lawn mowers to include Lawson, Clinton, Briggs & Stratton, Cooper and various others; 20+ reel type lawn mowers to include Savage, Keen Kutter, Meteor, Remington and numerous others.

Tools & Outdoors: Coleman Magna Force up-right air compressor; Cub Cadet string mower; Troy Built push mower; Poulan 18” chain saw; Stihl weed trimmer; torch outfit; (2) electric power washers; 90 amp wire welder; grease guns; log chains; portable sand blaster; assortment of air tools; engine stand; cherry picker lift; live traps; Buddy heater; propane wall heater; dump yard cart; lawn seeders; pull type yard sprayer; assortment of hand tools; Craftsman 10” band saw; 10” table saw; Craftsman planer; Craftsman 9” radial arm saw; Skil circular saw; bench top drill press; large assortment of woodworking power tools; (5) ladder deer stands;  wagon running gears; drag dirt scoop, fence posts; Coleman gas lantern; old barn tin; some scrap iron to be sold as well.

Crafts & Household: Stamp Up stamps; country prints; books; lawn chairs; doll desk and more. Larger listing of everyday and household items to come, as The Eltings move and decide what they need at their new home.

AUCTIONEER NOTE: This listing is very brief. Be sure to attend this on the farm moving auction. Many items in storage and are not listed or pictured at time for press. Check website for photo updates weekly. All announcements made on sale day shall supersede any prior advertisements. Not responsible for accidents, errors, loss, or omissions. Cash, Credit card, and Check accepted with proper ID.


John & Katie Kempf Farm Reduction Auction

Moving Auction

Owners John & Katie Kempt

Auction will include livestock equipment, Tools, Horse drawn equipment, Farm Primitives, Several portable buildings and hunting cabins.

Buildings – 10′ x 20′ cabin w/ loft; 8′ x 10′ cabin w/ loft; 6′ x 8′ garden shed; 8′ x 12′ walk in cooler; 8′ x 12′ ice house w/ ice still in it; 8′ x 7′ chicken coop w/ glass front for hatching; 8′ x 8′ chicken coop; 7′ x 8′ chicken coop; 5′ x 8′ chicken coop; (2) 12′ x 16′ calf sleepers; (2) 8′ x 15′ hog sleepers; 10′ x 16′ farrowing house w/ hutches and crates; 10′ x 18′ calf shed; 10′ x 18′ truck box and a few other small buildings.  All buildings will be required to be removed with in 30 days by the new owner.

Machinery, Livestock Equipment & Tools – 303 Allis Chalmers Baler; Allis Chalmers C stationary motor; Cub Cadet GT 100 brush mower; Remington 22″ brush mower; 2 row John Deere planter; New Idea Manure spreader; New Idea hay rake; 17′ Little Giant elevator; Kewanee harrow-4 sections; Thermo King refer unit; 2 bottom horse drawn plow; luten grinder; hammer mill; small garden disk; grain auger; gravity box; (2) road drags; International grain binder-parts only; 6′ x 10′ wagon on JD gear-rubber; harrow draw bar; early wagon gear; 2 seat school buggy-new wheels; 2 wheel stock trailer; small trailer on steel wheels; dump bed on sled w/ hyd. hand pump; wooden bob sled w/ tongue; stainless water tank; stainless bulk tank; (2) truck water tanks; calf pen panels; chicken fence panels; hog panels; round steel hog hut; over 20 pipe gates of various size; HD square tubing steel gates; bale rings; various feed bunks; hog feeds-one is stainless; portable calf boxes; salt feeders; bale feeders; sheep & goat feeders; 2 cement cattle bunks; various feed bins; cattle head chute; portable livestock scale; some new building tin; new and used lumber to include 14′ & 16″ – 6×6 posts; rabbit hutches and crates; plastic fence posts; various hand tools; doors & windows; (2) 2 wheel carts; blade cart and various other related items.
Primitives, Furniture & Household – International Harvester salt box hit & miss engine; (2) walking plows to include John Deere; large early wooden feeder; potato plow; 8′ windmill; early child’s wagon; cast iron butcher’s kettle; 1940s Vitalaire enamel ice box-like new; Conoco porcelain sign; various other farm primitives; 2 door cupboard; glass front hutch/china cabinet; 2 door wardrobe; sliding door wardrobe; rocking chairs; numerous dressers; child’s bed; 2 door broom closet; love seat; homemade Stainless steel smoker; Ashland cook stove-needs new bricks; 5 burner table top stove; 2 burner Perfection stove; pressure cookers; yard swing; full size and child’s picnic tables and various other household items too numerous to mention at this time.
This sale will likely grow, as the family is moving and adding items to the sale daily.

Pictures below.

Fulton County Country Farm Auction

Owner Denver Crandall

May 4, 2019 9:00 A.M.

This auction will loaded with antiques, primitives, tools, ammo, modern furniture, lawn & garden, and much more!! view pictures below.

Antiques & Primitives – Arcade Coffee Grinder; Sleepy Eye Pitcher; various jars and bottle to include a Amber Lightning fruit jar; Planter’s Peanuts 5 cent  counter jar; Toledo Mod. 3111 scale; several 1940s-50s wall phones; various early rotary phones; old leather working tools; cast iron grain/coffee mill; set of Rogers plated flatware; 100s of old books -mainly war, history, hunting, fishing, trapping or wild west; various advertising items; #4 Daisey Churn; wire egg baskets; General Store scale w/ weights; kitchen scale; Avon, IL and Fulton Co. items; early metal hose reel; dozens of old insulators; lineman’s tool bag; Lakin buggy jack; 2 man saws; drive-in movie speaker; farm primitives of all kinds; primitive totes and cans; various pieces of stoneware to include a 30 Gal. Western Stoneware crock and a 20 Gal Buckeye Pottery crock; early brass microscope; 1930s National Petroleum Exposition hat; harness hooks; early iron park bench; grinding stones, grinding stone on original foot driven stand; one bottom walk behind plow; Pepsi Cola Alum. 24 bottle case(double dot); old Pepsi bottles and metal 6 pack holders; steel implement wheels; old telephone signs; primitive boxes of all kinds; galv. watering cans; large galv. box with lid; Alaska National cast iron stove – Quincy, IL; cast iron fire hydrant; cast iron dinner bell; small book press; primitive hand tools; Favorite enamel stove; (2) granite fire place facades; 10 gal. glass jug; bulk and cream cans; Blacksmith’s bellow; horse weather vane; large fur stretchers; Marquis guitar; nail kegs; mounted coyote head; misc. kitchen primitives; cast iron skillets and various other primitives and antiques too numerous to mention at this time.

Antique & Modern Furniture – Straight front oak kitchen cabinet; oak hall tree; (4) oak pub chairs; large round oak table; round oak table w/ 4 chairs; oak pie cabinet; (2) oak washstands-one being Eastlake; 5′ walnut hall mirror; various antique and primitive chairs; trunks; Walnut lighted hutch; walnut dining room table w/ leaves and 6 chairs; walnut sideboard; 3 and 5  piece solid wood bedroom outfits w/ beds (one full size and one kind size); leather love seat and various other pieces of furniture. More furniture likley to be listed at a later date.

Tools, Outdoor items & Misc. – John Deere x320 riding lawn mower (401 hrs); John Deere push mower; Dewalt XR Brushless leaf blower; Milwaukee bench grinder; Belshaw belt sander; Matco tool box; Craftsman 4 ton floor jack; Sure Fire battery charger; 10″ Craftsman table saw; Craftsman band saw; Craftsman 5 Gal. portable air compressor; Delta Shop Master drill press; Milwaukee elct. reciprocating saw; Dremel grinder; B&D impact; Wilton 8″ pedestal grinder; Vise-Grips of all sizes; dozens of hammers; various hand tools; 100s of drill bits; 12″+ auger bits; Tool Shop brand clamps; 12′ fiberglass ladder; 20+ C-clamps; 30″ bolt cutters; over a dozen Rigid pipe wrenches-largest being 30″; various shop tools to include pliers, cutters, tin snips, files, chisels, wire cutters and needle nose pliers; various sets of standard and metric sockets-mainly Craftsman or SK; allen wrenches; t handle allen wrenches; Craftsman & SK open and box end wrenches; all sizes of Cresent brand wrenches; wheel barrow; hardware of all kinds; post driver; (3) chain come a longs; wooden work bench;yard cart; (3) lieght weight metal step stools/ladders; outdoor furniture; Weber gas grill; (2) wooden step ladders; ext. cords; wooden picnic table; large homemade dog house(4’x6’x8′); various yard tools; (6) beehive boxes; 3 pellet guns and various other items too numerous to list.

Ammo/Sporting: 12 ga shells; 12 ga deer slugs; 357 Magnum; 38 Special; 9 mm; .22 long rifle; 30-06 springfield; Ultra-vibe 18 tumbler and supplies; Pact mini grains scale; Many cans of gunpowder; 44, 25, 45 cal .458 bullets; Many collector shell boxes; Wooden shell boxes; Steel ammo boxes; Handmade african spears; Early hand trap throwers; Bull horn; Tasco binoculars; Thermos swivel seat shell box; Gas coleman lantern; Dip nets; Fishing poles; Lead shot bags; large amount of brass shell casings;

Illinois Heavy Equipment Auction

Downsizing Auction

Midwest Bridge & Crane

Live Auction with Online bidding available

Dozers, excavators, loaders, concrete tools, antique tractors/truck,

Much More!

More information coming soon