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Discover Priceless Antiques

Looking for your next best antique find, but worried about the price? If all you do is frequent antique stores, expense can’t be helped. However, instead of visiting stores, try your luck at an antique auction. Burlington IA residents can find the finest antiques and knick-knacks with the potential for great deals at Kyle Kelso Auctions.

Whether you are looking to buy more antiques or part with a few, Kyle Kelso Auctions has the know-how to provide you the best antique auction experience in the Burlington area. With professional auctioneers and ringmen, we take pride in the unique care we allow buyers and sellers.

Dedication goes into every sale we make. With buyers, we ensure you are offered fair deals, but can enjoy the competitive nature of each auction. With sellers, we make sure you get the best value possible on the antiques you sell, and make the process go as smooth as possible.

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New to Antique Auctions?

If you’ve never been to an antique auction, it can be a big change of pace compared to ordinary stores. To get your bearings and best participate in an antique auction, here are a few tips:

Come Prepared

You never know what a day at the auction has in store for you. It’s best to come prepared. Bring a bottled water and something to snack on. Additionally, wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Depending on the auction you attend, you may be standing for a large portion of it.

Check Out the Items

Before an auction starts, each lot should be on display, so you’ll know what will be available that day. Keep in mind what you most want to bid on and get an idea of how much you are willing to spend on said items.

Bring a Friend

Not only does a day become more enjoyable with a family member or friend, but you now have someone to keep you in check. They can help you decide when you’re going too high, if you need to bid again, when you should take a break and other general encouragement.

Don’t Get Discouraged

You may not always win the item you were bidding on, but that’s okay! Buying at an antique auction isn’t always easy, but the more you try the better you get. Keep visiting local antique auctions, like the ones offered at Kyle Kelso Auctions, and you’ll be getting the best deals on beautiful antiques in no time.

What Other Auctions Do We Offer?

Aside from our antique auctions, Burlington IA enjoys several other auctions provided by the staff at Kyle Kelso Auctions. When searching for more options, we offer:

Learn About Kyle Kelso Auctions

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