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Auctioneering at the Speed of Light!

Fast, articulate, friendly, determined and dependable; these few words describe the one auctioneer Galesburg IL residents rely on. No other auctioneer in the Central Illinois area comes close to matching the skill of Kyle Kelso at Kyle Kelso Auctions.

Kyle got his start auctioneering at the age of 18, after graduating from Missouri Auction School. After hosting countless auctions across Illinois and attending several auctioneering seminars, Kyle started his own auction business in 2013.

Today, Kyle is a part of the National Auctioneers Association, and he and his team serve the area, offering auction services in antiques, collectables, estates, machinery and more. Recently, Kyle won the award for 2018 Illinois State Champion Auctioneer.

What Makes a Great Auctioneer?

When searching for the right auctioneer for your charity or estate, Kyle Kelso has everything it takes. Kyle Kelso Auctions provides superb service in set-up, presentation and selling, making sure you get the most money out of your property.

  • Passion
    • Kyle Kelso’s calling has always been auctioneering. He puts pride into his work, and the excitement you get from crowds of buyers says it all about Kyle Kelso Auctions.
  • Pace and Rhythm
    • It takes precision and speed to perform the job of an auctioneer. Kyle Kelso is unmatched in the quality of his vocal talent. He quickly delivers each item up-to-bid in a clear and concise manner that buyers find easy to understand.
  • Memory
    • Keeping track of bids and who placed them can be difficult for auctioneers starting off. Thankfully, Kyle Kelso is seasoned in his profession, and is sharp enough to whip through the influx of numbers.
  • An Amazing Team
    • Kyle Kelso Auctions isn’t the effort of Kyle alone. The experts at Kyle Kelso Auctions handle set-up, tear-down, following up with bids, delivery of items to the stage and more. It’s a team effort, and no auctioneer is complete without their team.
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The Services of Kyle Kelso Auctions

Kyle Kelso Auctions can handle a variety of different auctions. Our experts are experienced in handling the auctions of many items, including:

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