Farm Equipment Auction Bushnell IL

Get the Most Out of Your Farm Equipment

Whether you’re looking to sell farm equipment you no longer use or are in the market for acquiring more, auctions are your best bet for getting the right price. For this reason, the best farm equipment auction Bushnell locals depend on is through Kyle Kelso Auctions.

Kyle Kelso Auctions has been in the business since 2013, and we’re no stranger to helping our clients host farm equipment auctions. With our experienced auctioneers and expert ringmen, we make buying and selling machinery easy.

Why an Auction is the Best Idea

Rather than waste your time selling farm equipment in ads and by word-of-mouth, let Kyle Kelso Auctions help you sell. You’ll find an auction for selling your farming machinery will benefit you more in the long run.

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  • Buyers Will Buy
    • Everyone that comes to a farm equipment auction is looking to purchase. The nature of the items for sale mean buyers have the money, knowledge and willingness to place bids.
  • Sellers Will Sell
    • Instead of waiting for weeks to get a hit on your farm equipment ads and then having the sale fall through, use an auction. You will see every item sold and have money in your pocket.
  • The Best Value for Buyers and Sellers
    • As a buyer, any farm equipment you purchase will be a deal, and you can acquire machinery below retail value. As a seller, the competition of a bidding war can push the price higher than resale value, increasing the value of your return.

What Else Can We Sell?

While Kyle Kelso Auctions has great experience in hosting a farm auction, Bushnell IL can come to us for other auctioning services. Our expert staff handle a variety of other auctions and can help you sell just about anything you want. Some other auctions we have done include:

  • Public Auctions
  • Personal Property Auctions
  • Antique Auctions
  • Primitive Auctions
  • Small Business Auctions
  • Private Estate Auctions
  • Online Auctions
  • Multi Party Auctions
  • Retirement Auctions
  • Farm Equipment Auctions
  • Toy Auctions
  • Collectors Auctions
  • And More

Get Your Auction Started

You can trust the folks at Kyle Kelso Auctions to move your machinery fast, efficiently and at a price that is best for you. To learn more about hosting your own farm equipment auction in Bushnell IL, contact Kyle Kelso Auctions at 309-337-5612, or located at 17055 E. 1825th St., Bushnell, IL, 61422.