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We Know Auctions Better Than Anyone Else

When looking for the right people to help you run your auctions, Peoria IL locals trust the skill and service of Kyle Kelso Auctions. We understand auctions aren’t a normal service people look for and running an auction on your own can be crazy! For this reason, Kyle Kelso Auctions helps to make auctioning off your items easy and beneficial.

Who Is Kyle Kelso?

As the 2018 Illinois State Champion Auctioneer, Kyle Kelso is the best auctioneer in the Central Illinois area. He has been auctioneering since graduating from the Missouri Auction school at the age of 18. Kyle is part of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and has done multiple auctions across Illinois for estate sales, benefits, farm equipment and more.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Kyle began his own business out of the former Bricker Auction Service facility in Bushnell, IL. To this day, Kyle and his team work diligently to meet the needs of sellers and buyers by helping to auction off all variety of personal property.

Why Do You Need an Auction?

There is nothing quite like the rush of a bidding war between two buyers. It’s a fast pace environment that sees you get maximum value out of the sale of your property.

  • People Come to Buy
    • Auctions attract buyers, period. Those looking to get deals or spend serious cash come to auctions, and you can guarantee they will be there to purchase whatever you’re selling.
  • A Competitive Market
    • The thrill of competition gets many buyers to bid far higher than they might normally pay for something. If they beat other buyers, it becomes worth it to them. This allows you to get marked-up value on many of your belongings.
  • Get Items Sold Fast
    • When you are looking to part with items in a speedy manner, an auction is your best option. After a day, you can potentially see a whole estate’s worth of content disappear, replaced by money in your pocket.
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What Can Kyle Kelso Auctions Do for You?

At Kyle Kelso Auctions, we specialize in a variety of item categories. We can help you quickly sell your:

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For the fastest, most efficient auctions, Peoria IL residents count on Kyle Kelso Auctions. Get in touch with us at 309-337-5612, or located at 17055 E. 1825th St., Bushnell, IL, 61422.