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Find the Right Auction Services for Your Needs

Looking to part with your property in a fast and efficient manner? It may be time to consider the auction services Quincy IL has available. Of the auction houses near Quincy, no other company provides more reliable service than the team at Kyle Kelso Auctions.

When you wish to auction off your items, whether it be farm equipment, toys or antiques, Kyle Kelso Auctions as the experience necessary to get you the most profit out of your investment. We work with buyers and sellers alike to create the best auction experience possible.

Our Process

When you hire Kyle Kelso Auctions, we sit down with you to ensure your satisfaction, and help guide you along the way. Hosting an auction doesn’t have to be hard, and at Kyle Kelso Auctions, we make sure of that.

  1. Meet Our Team –When you know it is time to start an auction of your own, we have you meet with Kyle Kelso, our lead auctioneer, and our team of ringmen and associates. Kyle Kelso Auctions understands you’re going to want to know exactly who you work with.
  2. Discuss Options – After you’ve met us, we figure exactly what auction would be best for you. We determine logistics, whether it’s best to do a live or online auction, exactly what you’re selling, the proper value of items and more.
  3. Get the Word Out – Once details have been figured and a contract drawn out, we begin advertising for your auction. The reputation of Kyle Kelso Auctions proceeds us, and we naturally attract big crowds for our many auctions throughout the year.
  4. The Day Of – The day of the auction should be the easiest for you. We get the auction set-up and supply the staff necessary to handle keeping track of bids and exchanging money for goods. All you must do is show up!
  5. Afterwards –Once the auction wraps up and the buyers have gone home, we handle clean up. Especially so if the auction is run through our auction house. Then we figure what was made, and you receive your money from the sales after our portion is taken out.

What Can We Do for You?

The auction services Quincy IL and the surrounding area receive are more than basic when it comes from Kyle Kelso Auctions. We can host any variety of auctions, big or small. Some of the previous auctions we’ve run include:

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Let Us Host Your Auction!

The other auction services in Quincy IL simply don’t compare to the work Kyle Kelso Auctions can do for you. If interested in getting your own auction set up, contact us at 309-337-5612 or visit us at 17055 E. 1825th St., Bushnell, IL, 61422.