Auction House Peoria IL

Once, Twice, Sold! at Kyle Kelso Auctions

There’s nothing better than the thrill of a bidding war in full swing. Being surrounded by buyers, knowing every item you try to snatch you must steal away from another, brings an excitement not often felt. At Kyle Kelso’s auction house, Peoria IL residents can feel the buzz of an auction for themselves.

Kyle Kelso Auctions supplies the Greater Peoria area with auction services, both in and out of house. Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or furnish your home, Kyle Kelso Auctions has auctions of all kinds throughout the year.

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What Can You Expect at Our Auction House?

At Kyle Kelso Auctions, hard work and dedication go into every auction we host. Our staff works to provide both buyers and sellers with exceptional service. And if you’ve never run a live auction through us or anyone else, we guide you every step of the way.

The ringmen Kyle Kelso Auctions employ work directly with sellers to assist in moving items and help to make buyers feel comfortable bidding more. We work hard to ensure buyers feel bids are fair, but sellers can still get the most return on what they wish to sell.

What Auctions Can We Do?

At Kyle Kelso’s auction house, Peoria IL buyers and sellers have their choice of auctions to participate in. We are experienced in the latest auction practices and technology, and can create optimal experiences for:

Want to Know More?

To learn about Kyle Kelso Auctions and our auction house, Peoria IL residents can give us a call at 309-337-5612, or located at 17055 E. 1825th St., Bushnell, IL, 61422.