Live Auctions Peoria IL

The Thrill of Kyle Kelso’s Live Auctions

The air becomes electrified when bids begin flying at the scene of live auctions. Peoria IL and the surrounding area can find the most excitement happening with the buyers and sellers at a Kyle Kelso auction.

Kyle Kelso Auctions has been providing auction services to the Central Illinois area since 2013, and we don’t plan on slowing down. Our auctions are filled with energy and create the perfect storm for buyers to walk away with amazing deals and sellers to walk away with superb profits.

Our team of professionals handle auctions of all varieties. From antique and primitive to automotive and machinery, we are experts in the auctioneering business. Kyle Kelso, an auctioneering prodigy himself, started the company of Kyle Kelso Auctions to provide the area with an essential service that is unmatched by his competitors.

Why Do a Live Auction?

With the advancement of today’s technology, auction services can be provided via online. While Kyle Kelso Auctions can also provide online auctions, there are benefits that come out of live auctions you can’t get over the web.

  • Personal
    • When going to a live auction, your buyers can see items close-up. This can generate more interest and allow you to sell people on an item by answering any questions they may have.
  • Fast
    • Online auctions can take place over the course of a few days, while live auctions happen in a matter of hours. You can move property fast and get the money you earned quick too.
  • Fair
    • A live auction does not create an environment for you to be overbid at the last second. You only loose a bid if the price becomes too high, not if someone steals the last bid out from under you.
  • Exciting
    • The experience of an online auction simply can’t beat that of a live auction. The thrill that comes from in person bidding wars creates excitement and allows for buyers and sellers to enjoy the auction together.

What Sort of Auctions Do We Have?

Kyle Kelso Auctions helps to host many auction types. Aside from online auctions, the live auctions Peoria IL can attend at Kyle Kelso Auctions consist of:

Experience the Excitement Today!

Don’t wait to get your live auction started in Peoria IL. Give Kyle Kelso Auctions a call, and we’ll help you with everything you need to create your own successful auction. Contact us today at 309-337-5612 or visit us at 17055 E. 1825th St., Bushnell, IL, 61422.